Temel Petek - Company Profile

Since Temel petek was founded in 1973 it became one of the leading companies that brought modern techniques to the beekeeping sector in Turkey. Temel Petek has wide domestic sales and marketing network and an expanding worldwide export. It produces very important portion of the beeswax comb foudation in Turkey and has the biggest market shre in the beeswax business. It also produces and suplies high-quality equipments for both beekeeping  and honey indusries.

Temel petek contributes to beekeepers and the beekeeping sector in Turkey by carrying out joint scientific studies with veterinarian faculties and universities , publishing boks and booklets to introduce new Technologies , and working with multileteral agencies and donors.

Temel Petek also conducts workshops,seminars and educational programs jointly with the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture as well as the Beekeeping Associations.